Ask the Shrinks! Vol. 1


Have you always wanted to ask Barry or Phil a question but didn't know how? Now's your chance! Periodically on the Coming Alive podcast, Barry and Phil will do an Ask the Shrinks! episode where they answer real questions from real people—you.

In this first episode, they answer these questions:

  • How did Phil discover Part X?
  • Part X is always rehearsing future interactions in my mind. How can I get it to stop?
  • How can I stop the Part X monologue in my brain?
  • How can I know when anger is appropriate or if Part X is in the driver's seat?
  • Part X is taking over my 10-year-old son and sucking the life out of him. What can I do?
  • I'm a woman but my Part X is a man. Is that normal?
  • My Shadow always takes the image of an awkward adolescent. Is this typical?
  • How can I deal with friends stuck in the victim state?

In answering these questions they talk about the true source of confidence, why you need to use the Tools all the time, the law of aggression, the evil shadow, creating energy for the whole family to use, the rise of feminine energy and the reckoning of the hyper-masculine, how to work the turnaround, and the real potential of the Grateful Flow tool.

Have a question for a future episode? Let us know!

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