A Conversation on Parenting With Joe Newman

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Joe Newman is author of Raising Lions: The Art of Compassionate Discipline. He trains parents and teachers to transform difficult behaviors into respectful ones and gives us a clear map out of chaos and into happy, harmonious homes and classrooms.

Barry talks to Joe about:

  • Joe's Part X: Resisting authority and pushing against boundaries
  • Why he was late for everything well into his 30s
  • Embracing mistakes and moving forward without drama
  • How to teach kids autonomy
  • What to do when you're angry with your kids
  • How your child's Part X is trying to manipulate you
  • Why conflict is a necessary learning tool for children—they need it
  • The role of Reversal of Desire and the Black Sun in parenting
  • How to give your kids the tools to win the war for their attention
  • The importance of working on yourself in order to be of benefit to your kids
  • How to create a structure, or map, within which a child can make their own choices
  • Why it's important how you respond when kids don't adhere to your boundaries

Learn more about Joe at raisinglions.com.

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