The Truth About the Truth


You’re a liar.

Don’t be offended—I’m a liar too; everyone is. That’s right . . . everyone lies, especially to themselves.

If you need proof, just look at the myriad New Year’s resolutions you’ve made: “This year I’m going to live a healthier lifestyle, spend more time with friends and family, save more and spend less,” etc. If you haven’t kept them (and most of us drop them before the end of January), then you’ve lied to yourself.

But lies don’t just happen at New Year’s, they happen every day. You tell yourself “I need a drink” at the end of a long day when the truth is you’d be better off without one. You say you’re too tired to play with your kids when the truth is it would give you energy. You’re convinced you’ll never find another relationship when the truth is you’ve lost perspective. Your boss promotes a rival and you tell yourself, “It’s not fair,” when fairness isn’t the issue—it just hurts.

Part X, your inner enemy, perpetuates these lies and one of its most effective methods is to keep you stuck in a repetitive rut. Each lie you tell yourself is like a silken thread in what becomes a web of deceit— immobilizing you while Part X drains your Life Force. If you’re serious about fulfilling your potential, you must face these lies and break free of them.

Seems simple, right? All you need to do is start telling yourself the truth, and presto—you’re released from Part X. But is knowing the truth really enough to activate its life-changing power? Clearly not: everyone knows what’s required to live a healthy life—a good night’s sleep, consistent exercise, and a healthy diet—yet for most people, simply telling themselves that isn’t enough. That’s because even after you know the truth, Part X has a way of neutralizing its power. It creates a false version of the truth—stripped of its ability to change your life. It gets you to believe that the truth is abstract—just words in your head that you don’t need to act on.

To free yourself, you have to see Truth in a new way—to see what’s True with a capital T. All of the Tools will lead you to a new experience of Truth. As you use them you discover the Truth is not an impotent thought that makes no difference in your life—it becomes an irresistible force that blazes through your soul. Its revelatory force shines a light on Part X’s darkest machinations and expands your life in ways you never thought possible.

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Jenn BrownTruth, Part X