Ask the Shrinks! (Vol. 2)

Barry and Phil Goop.jpg

Barry and Phil get together again to answer your questions. They cover some interesting territory this time, and you might be surprised by some of their answers. 

In this episode of Ask the Shrinks!: 

  • I’m not good at visualizing, can the Tools work for me? (Spoiler: Yes!)
  • What Tools are helpful if you have a narcissistic parent? (Hint: work with your Shadow and Cosmic Rage)
  • Is there a benefit to downtime, rest, and boredom?
  • Why do I feel really down after I’ve had success at using the Tools? (Phil calls this the bi-phasic fantasy. You can read more about it here in a conversation he had with actor John Cusack.)
  • Can the shadow be older or is it always young?
  • What is the Sick Shadow? (This is a new concept. We hope to have more on this on the website soon.)
  • Is evil something outside of us or inside of us?
  • Why use the language of war and battle to describe our fight with our inner enemy? Isn’t that language divisive?
  • Do you occasionally see sparkling or twinkling lights like Phil? Hear what he thinks is going on.

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