Overcome insecurity and find the courage to be yourself by learning to deal with your Shadow by using INNER AUTHORITY.

We think we know what makes us insecure—our appearance, level of education, or socio-economic status—but it's really something deep inside: the Shadow. It embodies all the negative traits we fear someone will see in us, so we spend a lot of time and energy hiding it. Inner Authority gives you a new way to embrace your Shadow and be who you really are.

Cues to Use The Tool

1. Whenever you feel performance anxiety triggered by social events, confrontations, speaking in public, etc.

2. Use the Tool before your event as well as during it.

3. Use Inner Authority whenever you find yourself worrying about something off in the future.

The Tool in Brief

1. Imagine yourself standing in front of an audience (could be one or thousands of people). Ignore the audience and focus completely on the Shadow. Feel an unbreakable bond between the two of you—as a unit you are fearless.

2. Together, you and the Shadow forcefully turn toward the audience and silently command them to "LISTEN!" Feel the authority that comes when you and your Shadow speak with one voice.

The Higher Force You're Invoking

The force of Self-Expression allows us to reveal ourselves in a truthful, genuine way—without caring about others' approval. It speaks through us with unusual clarity and authority, but it also expresses itself nonverbally, like when an athlete is "in the zone." In adults, this force gets buried in the Shadow. Inner Authority, by connecting you to the Shadow, enables you to resurrect the force and have it flow through you.