It's easy to forget to use The Tools or think you no longer need them. To stick with your practice, use JEOPARDY first.

It's tempting to think you can get to a magical state where you can put your feet up and you no longer need to do any work. When you think you've "arrived," you'll stop using The Tools. You'll also stop using them when when you fail or are demoralized. This Tool gives you the willpower to get yourself back in the game.


Cues to Use The Tool

1. Use Jeopardy in any situation where you know you need to use a Tool but, for whatever reason, can't get yourself to use one. 

2. When you feel you've grown beyond the need for Tools, use this one.


The Tool in Brief

See yourself lying on your deathbed. Having run out of time, this older self screams at you not to waste the present moment. You feel a deep, hidden fear that you've been squandering your life. This creates and urgent desire to use whichever basic Tool you need at that moment.


The Higher Force You're Invoking

You can't overcome the tendency to quit by thinking about it. The force you need is willpower. It's the one higher force you must create yourself; all the universe can do is provide a challenge that demands you generate it.