Overcome negative thinking with

When your mind is filled with worry, self-hatred, or any other form of negative thinking, you've been taken over by the Black Cloud. It limits what you can do with your life and deprives your loved ones of what is best about you. Life becomes a struggle to survive instead of the fulfillment of great promise.

Cues to Use The Tool

1. Use Grateful Flow immediately whenever you are attacked by negative thoughts. If unchallenged, negative thinking will just get stronger.

2. Any time your mind becomes undirected—like when you're on hold on a phone call, stuck in traffic, or standing in line at the store.

3. Turn specific times (like waking up, going to sleep, and mealtimes) into cues by practicing Grateful Flow on a regular schedule.

The Tool in Brief

1. Silently say to yourself specific things in your life you're grateful for, particularly items you'd normally take for granted. Go slowly and feel the gratitude for each item. Don't use the same items repeatedly—stretch for new ones.

2. After about 30 seconds, stop thinking and focus on the physical sensation of gratefulness. You'll feel it coming directly from your heart. This energy you feel is the Grateful Flow.

3. As this energy emanates from your heart, your chest will soften and open. In this state you will feel an overwhelming presence approach you, filled with the power of infinite giving. You've made a connection to the Source.

The Higher Force You're Invoking

Far from being indifferent to us, there's a higher force in the universe that created us and remains intimately involved with our well-being. We call that higher force the Source. The experience of its overwhelming power dissolves all negativity. Gratefulness is the way you perceive the Source.