Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Don't have the energy to move forward in life? When life feels impossible, try The Vortex.

Fatigue is one of Part X's most lethal weapons. If you're too tired, you don't do the things you want to do—from exercising to writing that book to spending time with family and friends. The Vortex taps into a deep well of spiritual energy available to everyone.

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Cues to Use The Tool

1. When you're stuck and there's no gas left in your tank. You may recognize this because you feel paralyzed, unable to concentrate, or overwhelmed—any time you're unable to move forward in life.

2. Life is full of small demands and requires that we transition from one thing to the next many times in a day. The Vortex can give you the energy to make these transitions in a way that doesn't leave you depleted at the end of the day.

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The Tool in Brief

The Vortex combines two age-old symbols in a new way: the Sun (a source of endless energy) and the number twelve (traditionally the number of completeness).

1. Visualize Twelve Suns: See them in a circle lined up directly over your head. Summon the Vortex by silently screaming the word “help” at the circle of suns with focused intensity. This will set the entire circle of suns spinning, creating a gentle tornado-shaped vortex.

2. Rise: Relax and allow your body to become one with the vortex. Feel the pull of the vortex as it lifts you up through the circle of suns.

3. Grow: Once you’re through the circle, feel yourself grow into a giant with unlimited energy, moving slowly but deliberately through the world without any resistance.

The Rewards of the Vortex

The immediate benefit of the Vortex is more energy to live your life. That means more opportunity for creativity and connection. Over the long term, you develop a sense of optimism that is key to a brighter future.