Free yourself from out-of-control rage and never-ending grudges with

Use Active Love when someone enrages you and you can't get the person out of your head. If you can't stop replaying what happened or fantasizing about getting revenge, you're stuck in what we call the Maze. If you don't get yourself out of the Maze, the world will move forward without you.


Cues to Use The Tool

1. Use Active Love the moment someone does something that angers you.

2. Use it when you find yourself reliving a personal injustice, whether it was in the recent or distant past

3. Use it to prepare yourself to confront a difficult person.

Active Love Eyes Closed.jpg

The Tool in Brief

1. Concentration: Feel your heart expand to encompass the world of infinite love surrounding you. When your heart contracts back to normal size, it concentrates all this love inside your chest.

2. Transmission: Send all the love from your chest to the other person, holding nothing back.

3. Penetration: when the love enters the other person, don't just watch, feel it enter; sense a oneness with them. Then relax and feel all the energy you gave away return to you.

The Higher Force You're Invoking

Active Love creates Outflow. Outflow is the force that accepts everything as it is. This dissolves your sense of unfairness so you can give without reservation. Once you're in that state, nothing can make you withdraw. You are the chief beneficiary; you become unstoppable.