Feeling hurt or wronged? Re-open your heart and move forward with THE TOWER.

When someone hurts or wrongs you, Part X floods you with injured feelings that are so strong you can’t remain open or vulnerable; you can no longer give life your all. With the Tower you can recover from injuries and take the emotional and creative risks that are essential to living a full life.

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Cues to Use The Tool

1. When you find yourself reliving hurts from the past.

2. When you find yourself in the midst of a small injury, like a friend forgetting your birthday, or a large injury, like getting let go from your job.

3. To prepare for future injuries that you know might come from a future event.

4. If your victimhood is longstanding and deeply ingrained, you can use the Tower as part of a daily, comprehensive effort to change your personality.

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The Tool in Brief

1. Death: Call up the hurt feelings that you just identified. Make them much worse and feel them attacking you right in your heart. They become so intense that your heart breaks and you die. You are left lying motionless on the ground.

2. Illumination:  You hear a voice that says with great authority, “Only the dead survive.” The moment it speaks, your heart fills with light, illuminating your surroundings. You see you are lying at the bottom of a hollow tower, which is open at the top. The light from your heart spreads through the rest of your body.

3. Transcendence: Buoyed by the light, you effortlessly float up the tower and out the top, continuing your ascent into a perfect blue sky. Your body, purified of all pain, feels completely new.

The Cosmic Force of Fate

Life happens. When you accept fate, you can shift your focus from being a victim to recovering. You can see life's experiences as a chance to crack the shell that Part X has around your heart and rediscover your life force.



More on the Tower

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