When life knocks you down, you need a tool to give you the resilience to pick yourself back up again.  THE MOTHER gives you the unconditional love and support you need to get back on your feet. 

Difficult things will happen in life. Part X exploits these events by generating a sense of demoralization through false hope, keeping you stuck in an endless cycle of despair. The Mother offers you the unconditional love and support you need to keep yourself in a positive state.

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Cues to Use The Tool

1. When you feel defeated by life circumstances, like a breakup or the death of a loved one, or when a work project goes South.

2. When you're blocked creatively and need to get back into the flow.

3. When you have to deal with someone who is impossible to please.

4. When illness or fatigue puts you in a dark mood.

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The Tool in Brief

1. Feel the Demoralization: Remember back to a time when you felt a sense of despair. Focus on it; feel its heaviness, as if it’s an oppressive substance weighing you down. Visualize that substance so vividly that the demoralized thoughts and feelings are no longer in your head but take on their own form, like a black sludge or some other shape.

2. Invoke the Mother: See the Mother hovering above you. Place your faith in her power to remove the dark, heavy substance you’re holding onto. Let go of it. The Mother lifts it from your body as if it’s weightless. Watch it rise until it reaches her; she absorbs it into herself and it disappears.

3. Feel Her Love: Now feel her eyes upon you. They radiate absolute confidence in you; she believes in you unreservedly, like no one else ever has. With her unshakable faith filling you up, everything feels possible.

The Gifts of the Mother

Remember what it was like when you were a child and you woke up excited for the day? You had no specific expectations, just the excitement of being alive. Living with the love of the Mother feels like that. This hopefulness leads to an optimism about your future and builds your capacity for resilience in the face of life's inevitable challenges.


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