A Conversation With Allison White


How does a Tools coach use the Tools for themselves? Find out in this discussion between Barry and Tools coach Allison White. They explore:

  • Allison’s experience of Shadow work, including a discussion on the evil shadow
  • Allison’s challenges with debilitating hypochondria and how she uses Reversal of Desire to fight it
  • How to change the emotional valence around your history by revisiting your past with an attitude of love and compassion.
  • Barry’s mystical experience of reparenting his 10-year-old self
  • Why forces are sometimes more useful than words or intellectual solutions
  • What is unique about Allison’s marriage to a recovering addict, including how being required to be present and sober all the time lets you see when you don’t want to be
  • Learning how to stop trying to fix others and instead offer loving detachment
  • How she uses the Tools with her empathic 11-year-old son
  • How being a parent is full of lessons to help you reparent yourself
  • The most common challenges she sees in her coaching practice: procrastination, fear of failure, lack of self-acceptance.
  • Allison’s favorite Tools
  • How to embrace failure as part of the creative process
  • Using Cosmic Rage to fight Part X

Learn more about Allison at Allison White Coaching.

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