Making Friends With Your Shadow

There are times in life when the Shadow can overwhelm you. You might withdraw from the world, become listless, or feel inferior or purposeless, as if you’ve lost your way. You might overindulge in food, alcohol, or other impulsive behaviors.

Anything can trigger this state, like a rejection or setback, but often it simply comes over you without explanation. At times like this, your Shadow takes over—instead of relating to the Shadow, you become it; it hijacks your life. When this happens, most people don’t realize there’s an alternative.

Instead of allowing your Shadow to take over, you can use the Inner Authority tool to make the Shadow your partner.

When you team up with your Shadow, it feels valued; its nature changes: it becomes the source of free, spontaneous self-expression. Without the partnership, the Shadow is nothing more than the sum total of your worst tendencies.

If you use Inner Authority consistently, you create an ongoing relationship with the Shadow. Think of it as a partnership where each party is supplying something the other can’t. The Shadow brings the ability to express itself with passion—something you can’t do on your own. What you bring to the Shadow is love, validation, and an appreciation of its unique powers.

When you put these energies together you end up with a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. As strange as it might seem, the “best you,” the highest version of yourself, is only present when you’re in this ongoing partnership with the Shadow. This is the real meaning of the term Higher Self.