Generating the Will to Use the Tools

The Tools give you the power to change your life, but they won’t work unless you actually use them. If there’s one thing all our patients share, it’s that after their initial success using The Tools, they stop using them.
At first, this didn’t make any sense to us. People were becoming more confident and creative, more expressive and courageous. Why abandon that? They had the path to a new life and, for no good reason, stepped off of it.
People quit for many reasons, but behind them all is a force we call Part X, or your inner enemy. You’ll can read more about Part X in our book Coming Alive, but you don’t need to know about Part X right now to muster the willpower to use the Tools.
To encourage our patients to keep using The Tools, we developed a tool to help you generate a sense of urgency. We call it Jeopardy, since when you’re in jeopardy of losing something important—like a job, a relationship, or your physical well-being—you are motivated to act. If you find yourself abandoning The Tools, use this tool to get yourself back on track.
Imagine you can see far into the future. See yourself lying on your deathbed. This older self knows how crucial the present moment is, because they have run out of time. See them rouse themselves from the bed and scream at you not to waste the present moment. In response to their exhortations, feel the deep, hidden fear that you are squandering your life. Use the energy this urgent pressure creates to immediately act on your own behalf and use whatever tool you’ve abandoned.
Some people feel put off when they're asked to look at their last moment on earth. But this is the perspective that creates the greatest sense of urgency. That urgency lights the spark of willpower.

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