Be a Creator, Not a Consumer

There are two ways of being in the world—you can be a consumer or a creator. Most of us are consumers, even though we wouldn’t like to admit it.

Consumers expect a reward for the slightest effort—or better, for no effort at all. They care about what they get from the world, not about what they might add to it. Living on the surface, jumping from one thing to another, their energy is diffused, like milk spreading across a tabletop. They make no impact on the world; when their time on Earth is over, it’s as if they never lived.

Creators won’t accept that fate. Everything they do is with the intention of making an impact on the world. Their code ensures this:

  • They don't accept the world as they find it; they bring things into the world that aren’t already there.

  • They don't follow the herd; They set their own course. They ignore the reactions of others.

  • They resist superficial distractions and remain focused on their goals, even if they have to sacrifice what would gratify them in the moment.

Anyone can live by this code, but very few of us do it. It means putting your life in the service of higher forces. These forces can’t be found on the surface of life; they are found only in its depths.

A creator’s energy must have the singular focus of a drill boring through stone. As difficult as that is, a creator is rewarded many times over for their efforts.

You don’t have to be an artist to be a creator. You can add something to the world in any human activity—even the most routine. Your job, your role as a parent, your relationships, your contribution to your community—all become more meaningful when you put your personal stamp on them by using higher forces.