Seeing Problems as Opportunities

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but when you’re facing heavy adversity—a foreclosure, loss of a job, or the death of a loved one—it’s your best chance for personal growth and evolution.

Most people find it hard to see the upside when things are difficult. The following exercise can help you tap the higher forces you need to help you move through your challenges.

  1. Think of a particularly difficult problem you have in your life right now. (That wasn’t hard, was it?!)
  2. Imagine this problem is a random hardship, occurring in an unthinking universe that doesn't care about your or your evolution. How does that feel?
  3. Now think of the same problem as a challenge posed by a universe that wants you to evolve and knows that you can. How does that feel? 

Does it make you feel more motivated when you envision yourself as part of an intelligent system whose goal is your advancement (#3)?
For most people, it inspires them to act more like a creator, someone who insists on seeing problems as a way to finding something better or higher in themselves and who knows the universe is on their side, no matter what it’s sending their way.
In our therapy practices we see that even the most self-absorbed patients on some level want to be creators and drive their evolution. To do this you need to be spiritually open. You need to learn to access what we call higher forces—forward motion, outflow, self-expression, gratefulness, and willpower.
You can’t just think about higher forces and hope they’ll work on your behalf. You must act and experience them firsthand. Use the tools in real-life situations—especially the hard ones—and experience for yourself how your problems can be the doorway to a future you can’t possibly imagine.