Cosmic Rage: Taking Back Your Power to Define Yourself

Have you ever felt judged or put down by others, even if just in your imagination? You may have noticed this weakens your confidence and spontaneity. That’s because you’ve given some other person the power to define who you are.

To overcome this, you need to think of the enemy not as the other person, but as a negative force surrounding that person. This negative force is always out there, and sometimes it comes at you via this person and other times it comes at you via another person.

Your response can always be the same no matter which person is carrying the force at a given moment. To push back the negativity, you need to use rage in a new way. The picture below shows how this works.

The stick figure on the left is you; the one on the right is the person (or group) judging you. The cloud around the person represents the force that’s trying to negate you in some way (via judgment, hate, envy, etc.).

To generate the rage, choose a short, emphatic phrase and silently repeat it as an inner scream. “Screw you!” “Get away!” “#^@K off!” The more emotion you can muster, the better. Be careful not to direct the rage at the other person—direct it to cloud surrounding them, where the negative force is.

You’re not trying to eliminate the cloud. You can’t eliminate a force. Instead, you’re trying to push it away and open up a space for you to be yourself, free from outside pressures. This is called the “I AM” space.

In the Old Testament book of Exodus, in which the Israelites free themselves from Egyptian slavery, God is asked his name. He answers, “I am the I AM.” Our interpretation of this is that the God of the Old Testament represents the force of freedom, giving each of us an inner space where we can think and act for ourselves, free of anyone else’s influence. The cloud wants to take that space away from you (hence, “You are not”).

Cosmic Rage, by pushing the cloud away, re-asserts that the space is yours and cannot be taken away from you. It’s a space where you can be whoever you are, one where you feel a freedom and confidence you’ve never felt before.