3 Alternative Uses for Active Love

When someone has wronged you, it's easy to get trapped in a maze of angry feelings and fantasies of revenge. The Active Love tool enables you to let go of the sense of unfairness and move forward with your own life. But Active love is also useful in a number of other situations:

1. Active Love builds self-control. Nothing is more destructive for you and those around you than a temper you can’t control. The only way to rein this in is to have a tool that works right in the moment, defusing the bomb before it explodes. You can use it when someone cuts you off in traffic, when your 3-year-old asks, "Why?" for the hundredth time, or when your boss asks you for a report at 4:30 on a Friday.

2. Active Love lets you be more assertive. Nothing is more frustrating than being angry at someone and feeling unable to express it. The more the anger builds up, the more dangerous the confrontation seems. A tool that defuses your anger makes it safe for you to assert yourself and do something you've been avoiding, like asking for a raise or telling your partner you're unhappy about they way they treat you.

3. Active Love trains you to accept others as they are. Everyone in your life is imperfect either because of something they’ve done in the past or something they can’t change in the present. Fixating on these things destroys relationships. This tool allows you to accept people despite their flaws. You can use it to come to the understanding that your parents did the best they could or that your children need to make their own way in life.